Thursday, February 24, 2005

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In the early morning hours, dawn beginning to break the light of the moon literptica miterotica literotica beaming in their room lying there on their satin sheets he awakens to find her body basking in the moonlight some how begging for his attention.

Watching her sleeping, her hair flowing over her shoulders, gently moving her hair kissing her neck gently, licking it lightly, his fingers slowly tracing down her arm onto her stomach up to her breasts.

Cupping her breast lightly massaging it gently, teasing her hardening nipples, pressing his hardened mass against her ass, pressing his chest into her back.

Was she dreaming again? Is he still really there? Still half dazed erotic fantasy sex stories reaching behind her she feels anal sex storys mass pressed against her ass, wrapping her hands around it gently, stroking it lightly. His hand wandering down the sex stories free moderated discussion of her body, exploring as a soft erotic hypnosis stories erotic hypnosis stories escapes her.

Her legs spread slightlyhis hand slipping in between them lightly rubbing her moistened pussy lips mature sex stories slipping one finger inside her, kissing softly down her back licking and sucking each step of the way her legs opening more to his touch.

Turning onto xxx catfight stories back, his lips meet herstongues searching for one another to feed each others hunger, slipping another finger inside her aching pussy, feeling her pussy grab tight to his fingers with every push.

Slowly xxx slut stories and pussy tongue finds her clit, she gasps, her body shivers his tongue circling her clit sucking it into his mouth nibbling it gently, sliding his fingers out his tongue replaces them in her hot wet holeteasing her tickling stories gently he slides those fingers in, taking a hold of his other hand she draws it to her mouth, sucking and licking each of his fingers driving him erotic hypnosis stories

Deeper he pushes his tongue, exploring every inch inside her, tasting her sweet juices, fucking her with his fingers and his tongue nearly pushing her over the edge, porn storiesincest sex stories with dogs she teases her own clit as his tongue worked its magicher hips gyrating against his mouth her body shaking.

Feeling her body tenseshe screams as he pushes her bdsm erotic stories the edge, filling his mouth with her sweet nectar, pushing his face deeper into her as she rode through wave erotic hypnosis stories after wave of orgasm.

Slowly moving up toward her, running his tongue up to her belly button then to her breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth suckling them like a baby, her legs encase him as she takes his throbbing mass guiding it to where it most wanted to be, inside her awaiting aching pussy.

He gasps as he pushes slowly into her, her back arches as his cock fills her completely, she couldn't get enough of tgp sex story she begged him, she hungered for morepulling his cock almost all the way out, her nails raking over his chest, staring deep into her free gay black sex videos eyes he could see the lust and desire.

Taking a hold of her hips he rammed his cock back into her harder then before, she screams in ecstasy as he fucks her harder and deeper her pussy his pace quickens, their breathing deepens, he stops only for a moment, turning her onto her stomach, pulling her to her knees by her waist entering her sweet pussy from behind.

This time he would prevail fucking her as hard and deep as he couldher pussy grabbing onto his cock with every thrust, he could feel his orgasm building rapidly, his body tensing, his cock swelling, balls tightening, his moans growing louder almost to a scream.

Her body tenses, beginning to shake she grabs onto the bed sheets as hard as she could, hearing him let one last screamhis free full stories erotic dark fantasy explodes inside her pussy as her cum covers his cock, mixing together with every thrust.

Wiggling her hips lightly his body began to jump as his cock now so sensitive her pussy was rubbing that very sensitive spotpulling his cock out of her laying on his back, she moves down to him taking his cock into her mouth sucking their juices off, licking his entire shaft sucking his balls gently.

Pulling her up into his arms, holding her close to him

"Good Morning Baby" the sweet words whispered in her ear.

"Good Morning Baby" she replies back softly.

"It's time for me to get up I really need to go and work out before I go to work today but I promise as soon as I'm done I will be home" winking at her.
leabian sex stories what happens spanked stories he's done? That we shall leave for another chapter.

erotic hypnosis stories

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